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my basic art


Ink Commission
What it lacks in color variety it makes up for more accurate form and greater expression. Don't press the commission button, Note me first
Traditional color
The most time consuming commissions thus they're also the most expensive. Don't press the commission button note me first please
Traditional black and white commissions
These don't take as long as the colored ones to complete, but they do take up way more of my time then the pixel art. Also as a reminder in comics you have to pay for each individual panel, and if you want a commission please note me first
32 by 32 pixel commissions
The cheapest and simplest pixel creations, but are also the quickest to get done
48 by 48 pixel commissions
bigger pixels for a smaller price, but this means less detailed creations
64 by 64 commission
Each commission will be 64 by 64 pixels, also I'm new to this commission system so let me know if there are any sort of problems. I won't do any nudity

Pixel halfs: Frost horn Succubus by eternalJonathan Pixel halfs: Baking Succubus by eternalJonathan Pixel halfs: Snapper Naga by eternalJonathan


The character redesign is fine it honestly doesn't strike me in anyway, but it's acceptable. What I think you need to work on next is c...

The majority of the image is slightly disproportioned from head to toe. It can't be called too original since it's based of an already ...

You did a great job recreating the character in a human form and chibi pony, it looks great. The shadows are a nice and appreciated det...

by xHalesx

Now as a fellow artist I fully understand the difficulty and time it can take to create even a simple animation, and I will applaud you...




Game review: Monster Hunter Stories
A Spin off game from the great Monter Hunter species that lets you control and fight with monsters from the series. The story of the game is okay. Basically there's this evil blight spreading around and corrupting both monsters and the world and your character through the power of friendship have to save it. Honestly some of the things they talk about like living in harmony with monsters and the blight causeing the monster population to decrease feels a little funny considering the main series involves hunting down and killing tons of monters. There's also an emo rival that tries to save the world in his own way, and you cute cat sidekick.

 There's not much to say graphics wise. The game looks good with a more cutesy look for the world and pet monsters. The game looks good overall 

 Now for the gameplay. First the combat. You can fight along side up to six monters in your party that can switch out with each ither during the fight. You have three main attacks: Speed, power, and technical which work like rock paper scissors. If you beat the opponent you do more damage and recieve less damage from you opponent's attack, if you lose the opposie happens, if you tie you both take some damage, but if you and you monster attack the same enemy and both win you cancel their attack and do massive damage. During the fight you build up kinship points which you can spend to either use a special move, command your monster to use a special move, or mount your monster if thr kinship guage is full. When mouting your monster you can use a super move for massive damage. However, if you win two more rock paper scissors bouts then you can level the super move up from 1 to 3 to deal evn more damage, but if you lose two bouts, or the monster's health drops down to 1 you'll fall off. Whether you use the super move or fall of your kinship returns to zero. You all have three hearts that fir the first two will revive you or your monster with full health and if you lose your last heart you lose and return to the last checkpoint. Hearts can only be restored by either sleeping in a bed or using rare items. You can use items, but you need to eqiup them before you go into battle. Outside of battle you can explore wide open areas for materials and eggs. There are several obstacles you'll encounter that you can only get by with certain monsters that have the ability to get past them. To get eggs you need to enter caves that appear all over that range from normal to rare gold caves (and after you beat the game you get high rank caves too). Inside you may have to kill the mother before stealing one if her eggs. Ideally you want heavy and smelly eggs for better stats. After that you can hatch them at the barracks where you can swap out party monsters, put together eggs with shell pieces you find (I only managed to do this once in my entire playthrough), or combine monsters to give a ability to your main monsters. There are plenty of subquests to take on, but they mostly consist of slaying monsters or gathering materials. There's also an area you can challenge for prizes. There was one time I fell through the world, but instead of crashing I just put me back where I was. The biggest weakness of this game is that it tries too much like the main series with it's quests, so there are no memorable side quests in the game. There's also no real puzzles or dungeons in the game, and whenever you do encounter an obstacle you can't pass that means backtracking to the nearest checkpoint and fast traveling to the nearest barracks for the monster you need. I did enjoy this game, but I do believe there is also plenty they could do to improve it if they make a sequel. If you're a Monster Hunter fan I would recommend trying this game. If you have a 3ds and like rpgs I'd say give it a try if you find a cheap or preowned copy. I give the game a solid 7 out of then for its fun gameplay and charm
Hello everybody. Christmas and other holidays people celebrate are just around the corner. This year I thought I would bring back my free pictures giveaway. All you need to do to get a picture is write in the comments "I want a cookie", and even if the list is filled out type anyway because if I happen to get things done early I might extend the list. Happy holidays and all that

1. :iconjoshuax152:

2. :iconcabbage42069:

3. :iconofsunshineandrainbow:

4. :iconjckiller97:

5. :iconinflat-a-toad:

6. :iconlandasher12:

7. :iconsodormatchmaker:

8. :iconsoftwinter:

9. :icontonyyorkiesilky1991:

10. :iconsergy92:


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Jonathan Sands
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im normal im also a big fan of many of the art works and comics i even draw my own comic! In the future i plan to post my own comic on this website "Army days" I aslo have my own emblem which i will soon display after i figure these things out but I do have some pieces of art work I straight up dislike now im not gonna say what it is but hey everybody has somthing they probably don't like on this site well thats all im gonna say for now


Which comic would you like me to continue? 

11 deviants said Maaya's Family
10 deviants said Birth of betrayal
9 deviants said F@#$ Them! Do another WWNMCHBD!
6 deviants said Demon Trials
4 deviants said Your face


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I've updated this drawing with info: Pinky Normal Form by Superacl  
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what's the new info?
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New info includes her height & weight (for her base form, of course), likes & dislikes, and Her abilities.
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Hi, you seen my recent drawing?
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Actually, my latest drawing depicts my latest character demonstrating her ability to shift between ages with a few examples.
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yeah. Her whole being stuck a four must really suck
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Hey, I had an idea for a new drawing series you could do, like with the reindeer or the Haypreggo.
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what is it?
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